Senior Software Engineer / R&D Engineer

Job Responsibilities.

Job duties.

1. responsible for the development of mathematical modelling systems for the steel and metallurgical industry.

2. responsible for writing data analysis algorithms and performing statistical analysis of production data.

3. Participate in the pre-communication and post-design of projects, communicate with customers and prepare requirement documents.

4. participate in the field commissioning and implementation of process control systems.

Ability and experience requirements.

1. bachelor degree or above, majoring in materials, mathematics or computer related majors.

2. Excellent computer programming skills, familiar with C++/C#, python, java and other high-level languages.

3. Experience in data mining algorithms is preferred.

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Electrical Engineer, Nonferrous Division

Job Description.

1. independently or leading the completion of project software testing, field debugging

2. Familiar with AFC system, AGC system

3. skilled in using Siemens related hardware

4. good communication and coordination skills

5. pre-sales, on-site service and other technical support

6. can complete the work arranged by the department head

Job requirements.

1. experience in colour industry is preferred, familiar with Siemens, ABB, Huichuan drive

2. familiar with Siemens automation system

3. Bachelor degree or above, working for more than 3 years

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Processing Line Engineer

Job Description.

1. Familiarity with handling line processes and proficiency with TIA software.

2. Proficient in processing line process algorithms (roll diameter, tension control).

3. Lead or independently complete software design and debugging.

4. Ability to manage a team.

5. pre-sales technical support, after-sales service tracking.

Job requirements.

1. Experience in commissioning Siemens processing lines is preferred.

2. Bachelor degree or above, with more than 5 years working experience.

3. Proficiency in Siemens hardware and PLC, TIA, Wincc software.

4. Good communication skills and teamwork.

5. Adaptable to long term flexible travel work.

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Electrical Installation Engineer

Job Responsibilities.

1. communicating with other engineers on system interface design, installation locations and alignments.

2. completing on-site electrical equipment commissioning coordination and analyzing and handling problems encountered.

3. be responsible for the after-sales service of relevant equipment.

4. co-ordinate, and coordinate to solve technical problems during the operation of engineering projects.

5. responsible for the preparation, change, collation and update of electrical related output materials for engineering projects and archiving. And assist in the completion of R & D design project certification and acceptance work.

6. cooperate with the project team to complete the project summary improvement.

Job requirements.

1. academic major: college or above; electrical engineering, automatic control engineering related majors

2. work experience: more than 3 years of electrical field installation guidance, commissioning work experience

3. knowledge and skills: familiar with the electrical design and commissioning of various motors, cylinders and sensors and other components; skilled use of AutoCAD; familiar with the principles of automatic measurement and control; experience in the metallurgical industry is preferred; good command of English

4. other requirements: integrity, honesty; good communication, keen observation; serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, good teamwork spirit

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Automation Engineer

Job duties.

1. May cooperate with sales to do technical support.

2. Responsible for electrical design, commissioning and after-sales service of engineering projects.

Working with mechanical and process engineers on the development and improvement of motion control systems for non-standard equipment.

Coaching electrical installation electrical personnel for control system installation, coaching installation electrical personnel for electrical system and in-plant testing and field verification testing.

Job requirements.

1. professional background in electrical automation or mechatronics industry

2. 5 years or more of experience in automation test development in the metallurgical industry.

3. Ability to program using software such as Labview, PLC, WinCC, Protherm, etc.

4. Familiar with automation hardware such as motors, sensors, manipulators, etc.

5. Good communication and presentation skills, able to take the initiative to complete the work independently.

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Transmission Engineer

Job duties.

1. drawing, drawing of drive schematics according to the final scheme of the equipment.

2. Selection and list making, responsible for the selection of electrical components, component lists.

3. on-site commissioning and improvement of equipment and operational training of relevant personnel of the customer.

Job requirements.

1. full-time undergraduate degree or above, majoring in electrical related disciplines.

2. more than five years of experience in the design of transmission equipment, and be able to independently complete the design and commissioning of the electrical part of the transmission equipment.

3. metallurgical industry is preferred.

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HMI Engineer

Job duties.

1. Responsible for the design, commissioning, control and after-sales service of HMI for engineering projects.

2. Guide after-sales engineers and respond to customer needs for difficult electrical and control problems. Perform on-site service to customers when necessary. Ensure customer satisfaction.

Job Requirements.

1. Professional background in electrical automation or mechatronics industry.

2. 5 or more years of experience in upper testing development, with experience in developing entire production lines.

3. Ability to use Labview, WinCC software programming.

4. Good communication and presentation skills, able to take the initiative to complete the work independently.

5. Good English reading and writing skills.

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Note: Once hired, the above staff will enjoy the five national insurance and one pension, paid annual leave, generous salary package and bonus incentives.