Drive train control

The drive team of Beijing One Control System has many years of experience in drive design, development and on-site commissioning, and is familiar with the rolling process and proficient in production equipment, ensuring a combination of drive system reliability, stability and on-site adaptability to meet the needs of on-site production.

The advantages of a control system to provide drive systems for hot rolling are.

(1) The system concept is based on the whole plant, and the design is based on the configuration of the transformer and the transmission solution in terms of harmonics, power factor, power saving effect and input-output ratio for the whole plant.

(2) Strict quality control at the design stage, with three major internal and external reviews of the initial test programme, basic design and detailed design to ensure the correctness and reliability of the design.

(3) Equipment manufacturing based on Siemens authorised manufacturers, 5S management to ensure EMC compatible performance and assembly quality.

(4) Comprehensive diagnostic system, displaying drive fault words, status words and current and historical faults on the automation level screen.

(5) Tailor-made fault handling solutions for the mill process, such as network fault measures, single machine fault measures, emergency stop fault measures, etc. The whole line of equipment follows the principle of light faults for production and heavy faults for equipment, and ensures that crisis situations reduce the possibility of belt breakage.

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