Continuous annealing line control

The thermal model of the OneControl system simulates the heat treatment process in the continuous annealing furnace and provides the operator with the necessary assistance to find the precise setting parameters for the various heating and cooling stages of the strip, and it provides a good control of all relevant operating parameters to ensure that the actual data at any given time corresponds to the preset parameters.

The one-control system provides the following major components for the continuous decommissioning automation system.

Level 2

? Annealing heat treatment models

? Process control level for the entire strip handling line

? Material tracking

? Quality data recording

? Quality diagnosis

Level 1

? Process regulation for leveling machines, stretch straighteners and strip process control

? Basic automation and display system (sequential control and regulation from inlet to outlet including the entire treatment process)

? Drive regulation of the entire processing line

? Material tracking

? Diagnostic and error alarm system

? Process data logging

Level 0

? Process measurement systems (e.g. thickness, speed and tension measurement)

? On-site instrumentation

? Driveline

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