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EKSYS (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of INOVANCE Technology (300124.SZ). It is a system integrator that integrates R&D, production, sales and service, and focuses on providing solutions for customers in the metallurgical industry. The technical team accounts for more than 80% of the company's total staff, including core technical personnel with more than 10 years of practical experience in the world's top 500 companies engaged in the metallurgical industry, with domestic high-end mill control system and independent intellectual property rights of metal strip rolling control technology, to promote the realization of China's industrial localization goals, to create China's own brand. Awarded the following honorary certificates Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise, National High-tech Enterprise and Beijing “Professionalism, refinement, distinctiveness and novelty”Enterprise.

EKSYS (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. has a strong market base and acclaim in the domestic metallurgical field of carbon steel strip, stainless steel strip, aluminium strip, copper strip, etc. Since its establishment in September 2019, the company has undertaken hundreds of electrical supporting and upgrading projects for mills, including stainless steel cold rolling mills, stainless steel drawing and straightening mills, carbon steel cold rolling mills, as well as aluminium foil mills and aluminium cold rolling mills. Fully integrated control and full process service of one control system: the building blocks of thickness control, plate control, drive control, process control, human-machine interaction and 2-stage system are fully integrated in the control platform, and we provide full process service of pre-sales consultation, project management, system design, software integration, on-site commissioning, after-sales technical service and spare parts supply. Thickness control, plate control and variable frequency drive control have changed the situation of the domestic metallurgical industry which has long relied on foreign imported hardware as well as foreign services.

Core philosophy

A study of things, a study of each other

Contributing to Made in China, practising Industry 4.0

Company Culture

Putting customer achievement first

To be a contributor

To be open and collaborative

Continuously pursuing excellence

  • 50
    Over 50 domestic new energy power plant projects
  • 3 GW
    Cumulative grid-connected capacity exceeds 3GW
  • 2 GW
    Foreign involvement in the design, development and construction of over 2GW of projects
  • 6 亿美元
    Foreign contracts exceeding US$600 million
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