Twenty-roller copper rolling mill control

Fully integrated drive, plate shape, thickness control, smooth control and rolling management functions, containing years of accumulated professional process experience, guarantee high precision, high efficiency and high throughput operation of the machine.

Mass flow feed-forward control: shortening of the strip head overrun.

Mass flow control: direct calculation of the thickness difference at the roll seam, without time delay.

Feed-forward control: Pre-control of the incoming material thickness difference for correcting the inlet thickness deviation.

Feedback control: for compensation of residual exit thickness deviations.

Accurate acceleration and deceleration dynamic compensation

Fine segmented cooling control technology based on pulse width modulation algorithms (PWM).

Feed-forward control of the rolling forces results in a stable plate shape during acceleration and deceleration, which guarantees a "one-touch speed increase".

The convexity compensation model compensates in principle for the difference between the online and offline plate shape.

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